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Enjoy the Unique Features of Metatrader 5!

Raise your game with the unique features of Metatrader 5 at GKM Forex.

Powerful Features

Enjoy the advantages of many different tools and an easy-to-use interface!

MetaTrader 5 makes online trading easier in forex, stocks and forward transactions. Get the edge on trading with expert support on GKM Forex!

Multi-asset Platform

MetaTrader 5 allows you to trade assets on the stock exchange without middlemen.

Past Data

Past data are stored with details on MetaTrader 5. An in-depth analysis of previous data can be made before trading.

Graphs and and Execution Types

MetaTrader 5 supports 21 graphs now. In addition, the number of bars stored on the MetaTrader 5 server is considerably increased.

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Market Depth Support

Customers can access the market depth data on the MetaTrader 5 platform to be better informed about the market activity.

Order Processing Rate

MetaTrader 5 is built on a 64-bit architecture. This allows better operation with parallel tasks for all users.

Expanded Mini Terminal

MT5SE extension allows you to expand the Mini Terminal into a control panel with full functionality at the touch of a button.

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